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Hunter blending green tones with subtle honey-colored flecks for a beautiful earthy look. Without a limbal ring, this lens gives off an extremely natural finish to your new green eyes. It is no surprise that these beautiful green lenses can complement any skin-tone and are the perfect finish for any look.


Our collection has been described as the most natural-looking colored contact lenses. Combining pioneering technology with beautiful pigments and opaque colors, this collection offers striking shades without compromising on all-day comfort.


£45.00 Regular Price
£35.00Sale Price
  • All our lenses are for 6 month use once opened colored contact lenses which can completely transform the color of the eye.

    Available in many different color choices and suitable for cosmetic purpose so you can achieve your dream eye color with the added benefit of crisp, clear vision.

  • P-0.00
    Expires: 12.2023
    Lot No: D20032021
    Material: HEMA
    B.C. 8.60mm
    DIA: 14mm

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